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Topcase System 47L Green Versys 1000 SE 19MY

COVER TOPCASE 47L2 Emerald Blazed Green
Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX Genuine Accessories
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Choose a Topcase that matches the color and graphics of your bike!
Our Topcase provides a spacious 47 litres of storage space. It will fit two of most full face helmets. 
This system features the One-Key System, so you can conveniently open the topcase using your ignition key.

Requires 5 parts:
1- Topcase 47L                                           999940899
2- Carrier Plate                                           999940482A
3- Topcase Cover (Red)                             99994057760RA
4- Aluminium Deco Plate Black anodized   999940656
5- Lock Cylinder                                          999940528

Optional items:
6- Interoir bag available separately                999940497  (see accessory overview)
7- Bag rest available separately.                    999940494  (see accessory overview)