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Meet The Team

Preston Motorcycles Team Always Ready To Help

Tom Machell

Tom started in the industry with Fred Flintstone , Is a blatant stealer of limelight on our Facebook page and can eat the hottest curries in the universe.Its the after affects we worry about. !!!!

Kawasaki Specialist

James Jenkinson

James started in the Motorcycle world as an Apprentice in October 2010 and completed this in 2013.He joined us in April 2018 and is on well on his way to his to getting a shave (worst beard award winner 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023).


Gavin Chatterton

Gavin has been involved in Motorcycles since 1996 when he left college. He started full time as a junior tech from 1998 and has progressed since then in various jobs to our senior Tech here. He has been fully trained on all the Japanese bikes plus Ducati and Triumph.He is our Kawasaki Senior Techcnician and is on his way to being a Master Tech with Kawasaki. Drives us nuts with his unwavering attention to detail.

Senior Technician

Mike Greenfield

Mike is our Sales Administrator. He comes to us with many years motor trade experience in this role.If ever you need help either on the phone or whilst visiting our showroom he will always be happy to help. His claim to fame .Mike is accomplished Author and has several novels for sale on Amazon

Sales Admin

Barnaby Ingham

Barnaby joined us almost from school in 2017 and was enrolled onto a Suzuki Apprenticeship Programme which he finished during 2020. His Brother Gavin our Senior Tech has ensured he has had the best training we could give him and he has proven to us many times over that the investment has been worth it , But why is he adopting the same pose as mike in the photos??

Apprentice Technician

Jason Stewart

Jason Joined us From Ford where he started at 16 ,served his apprenticeship as a vehicle technician one of the few who actually completed it he then moved into the sales department to learn that , After five years doing that he's now joined us , done his bike test with 6 hours training and has settled into Bike world very quickly specializing in Royal Enfield . biggest failing is he hasn't learnt where the kitchen is yet , never makes a brew !!!!

Royal Enfield Specialist

Jock McNair

Jock has a wealth of experience in bikes , ex armed forces has a great worth ethic and is also a trained Motorcycle Mechanic and is usually soaked in Jack Daniels on his Days off. Harley Davidson Expert (see pic)

Suzuki Specialist

Mike Desmond

We Joined up with Practical Bikes in Lancaster as our Kawasaki Rider training Provider in 2018. Mike has Five brand new Kawasaki Z650's to Pass your test on , also offers CBT , Back to Biking refresher lessons if you are returning to riding after an absence, DAS (direct access) you can contact him directly on 01524 700000. In his spare time he pops out more children ,thrashes around Oulton park on his Track Bike and drives a bus (see pic)

Principal Of Kawasaki Rider Training School

Mark Stewart

Mark Joined us in 2017 from Ford, started riding at 16, wishes he still had his RD250LC that he sold for £400 in 1983.

Dealer Principal

Sam Williams

Sam joined us in 2023 and is a founding member of the village people and can be regularly heard singing such classic hits as "in the navy" and "Ymca" after leaving the the village people sam joined Boney M as a backing singer on brown girl in the ring and mary's boy child , A true star in his own mind

Service advisor

Aaron Targaryen

Aaron is an exceptionally talented parts man, in his spare time he rides around westeros on his dragon , often mistaken as henry cavills witcher.

Parts Advisor